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Size Guide


Please read through our entire size guide below before making any purchase. If there is any sizing question, you can contact our Live chat support or post a question in the product page.Fashionapolis: Fashion For Fashionista - Size Measurement

Tips for choosing the clothes:

1) Top (Shirt, Blouse, Suits, Coat, Sweater) - Measure Chest and Shoulder.

2) Pants, Shorts, Skirts - measure Hip and Waist. If it is a jeans, it may be good to check the front rise, back rise, inseam, thigh circumference and calf circumference. You can take it that inseam of the jeans is approximate the full length of the jeans minus the front rise

3) For dress and jumpsuit, measure bust (loose fit or tight fit), shoulder, waist and sleeve length (if applicable). Also, do check that the length of the dress (especially long maxi dress) is suitable for your height

4) Please use the tag size information given by us as a guide. There are three methods that you can use to pick your best size: the 1) height tag, 2) bust / waist measurements and 3) the size conversion.

Some Notes:

For best view in mobile, please rotate to landscape view to view the Size Table. Please understand due to mobile display size limits, some size table alignment may be a bit off as there is a limit to how many columns we can put. If the table spacing allows, we will try to show the measurements in inch, but either round up/down to nearest digit or nearest one decimal place. 

To use the conversion chart, locate the size under US column in the size table in the product page. Then look for the corresponding US Size in the size conversion tab.

If no US size is recommended for the appropriate tag size, it means it doesn't follow the standard sizing conversion. Usually, these clothing are free size, loose fit type or stretchable type and can fit a range of sizes.

For pants and shorts, do note that stretchable material and elastic waist can mean different things. Stretchable materials do not mean your pants waist size is adjustable unless it says the waist is adjustable or elastic. Casual or Sports Pants like your sweatpants and drawstring pants etc usually come with adjustable waist. Pants that are designed with a fixed waist are usually your formal dress pants (business pants), jeans and your cargo pants. For pants with fixed waist, we recommend you to pick a inch size bigger, if you want to play safe. The reason is if the pants is a bit loose, you can always wear a belt.

If we indicate season in the product details, it means it is designed for cold seasons (spring, autumn, winter). If season is not indicated in the product details, it means it is not fixed to any particular season, subjected to the climate and temperature in context, whether it is indoor, outdoor or in aircon places. If we did not indicate the thickness, that means the thickness is standard. If the fabric is thicker or thinner than standard thickness, we will indicate in the product specification. You have to make your own judgement whether the fabric fits the climate condition that you are in. 

Size Conversion

A) Men's Clothing - Top (Suits, Coat, Sweater etc)

A tag size of 165/84A means the clothes is designed for a person of height of 165 cm +/- with a bust around 84 cm. A chest size of 84 cm corresponds to 32-33 inch (UK size) and half of this number corresponds to EU (FR, GE, IT etc) and RU size, which is size 42 in this case. Similarly, 170/88A means the clothes is designed for a person of height 170 cm +/- with a bust around 88 cm. In this case, it corresponds to around 34-35 inch (UK size) and size 44 for EU and RU.

165/84A  XS 32 32 32 32 32 42 42 34 85
170/88A S 34 34 34 34 34 44 44 36 90
175/92A M 36 36 36 36 36 46 46 38 95
180/96A M 38 38 38 38 38 48 48 40 100
185/100A L 40 40 40 40 40 50 50 42 105
190/104A XL 42 42 42 42 42 52 52 44 110
195/108A XL 44 44 44 44 44 54 54 46 115


B) Men's Clothings - Pants and Jeans

The tag size in most of our pants listed are waist sizes in inches, which is the same size used by US, CA, UK, AU. Both the EU and Japanese pants size use the waist size in centimeter. For example, 28" pants corresponds to 71 cm and 34" pants correspond to 86 cm.

Waist Size (Inch) US CA UK AU NZ EU JP
28 28 28 28 28 28 71 71
29 29 29 29 29 29 74 74
30 30 30 30 30 30 76 76
31 31 31 31 31 31 78 78
32 32 32 32 32 32 81 81
33 33 33 33 33 33 84 84
34 34 34 34 34 34 86 86
36 36 36 36 36 36 91 91
38 38 38 38 38 38 96 96
40 40 40 40 40 40 102 102

In addition, some brands may use the following tag system for their pants. Similarly, 170/74A is recommended for someone with height 170 cm +/- and body waist around 74 cm. We recommend the following size conversion to the Inch sizes.

Tag Size Waist Size (Inch)
165/70A 28
170/74A 29
175/78A 31
180/82A 32
185/86A 34
190/90A 36
195/94A 38

C) Women's Clothing - Top (Shirt, Blouse, Dress etc)

We can take it that the Australia and New Zealand sizes are almost similar sizes to the UK size. German sizes or DE Size (also called EU size) are also used in Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The French sizes are also used in Belgium, Spain and Portugal while Italian and Russian sizes have their own size system.

155/80A XS 2 2 6 6 6 32 34 38 40 5
160/84A S 4 4 8 8